DSC_9961I am a Venezuelan gal whose passion is to inspire, empower and help entrepreneurs create strategies to have lasting success in their home business as well as a fulfilling life. I have a Hispanic heritage so I love dancing, cooking and love people; to develop myself Spiritually and Personally are two major components of my daily life as well.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about me and how I became a Home Business Entrepreneur 🙂

I’ve always had an Entrepreneurial mind… my first “job” was as a self-employed Math, Physics and Chemistry tutor. It is funny how things work, before this I really had trouble understanding Chemistry, so I had one of my closest friends at that time tutor me… I ended up loving it, so I taught it and later on became a Chemical Engineer.

When I was still studying to get my Engineering degree I had a part time job as an English and Spanish teacher at an international language school, and was during that time when I was first introduced to Network Marketing. So, I learned early on, that anybody has the ability to succeed if they have the right strategy: I created a big team while studying one of the most toughest careers and also was one of the top 3 best teachers at that language school.

Working in the field as an Engineer I was “always” doing something else to generate extra income, so you see, I’ve always had known how smart it is to have multiple income streams, but also had the passion to always strive for excellence so since I had fallen in love with Marketing decided to go back to school and get a degree as a Marketing Specialist.

10 years ago, I met the love of my life, who brought me 8 years ago to the land where all dreams are possible. It was then when decided to go back again to the home business arena now with an arsenal of experiences under my arm: 2 degrees, the love to always work with people, my sales experience, my goal to create a residual income to support my family overseas and have a life beyond my wildest dreams…

pullquoteIn the last 8 years we started from zero twice, the first time when we moved to USA, the second time when we moved from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest, but being raised by 2 single moms (my mother and grandmother) I was ingrained with strength, independence and great dose of humor, so when I decided to start building a DS Business I naturally had zero hot market.

It was in that moment when I looked to Social Media, Attraction Marketing and being an “eternal student” learned from the bests and became an expert myself. This has allowed me to build a successful organization, recruiting phenomenal entrepreneurs all around the globe all from my home in a small town being my tools my laptop and my phone…

So, if I, an “imported” gal with an accent, with zero hot market but with an unbreakable will have been able to do it, I assure you, you can too and that is why I’m here.

I will provide you with the Blueprint that has conducted me to succeed and my Vision is to help YOU reach Ultimate Success so you can live life on your terms.

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What People Say

Myrlis Conde’s teachings, coaching and friendship have been a blessing in my life. They have helped me grow to a new level. She does an excellent job on teaching how to overcome obstacles in life, how to set goals and increase sales, how to build a team, how to manage your time, and so many other topics that she has covered that has impacted my life. I am grateful to be a student of her mentorship. She has a big heart for helping others. She truly does want to see you succeed. I highly recommend Myrlis!

Charles H Painter, Jr.

Myrlis has been an incredible friend and mentor. About a year ago I had the chance of meeting her through our business endeavors and we have been very close friends since then. Myrlis has helped me to increase my business and my career as an entrepreneur, to build confidence and to achieve some of my goals. I’ve grown so much since I decided to follow her path. Although we live miles and miles apart, she’s been always there for me. Her knowledge and leadership makes Myrlis an incredible person and I’m so lucky to have her as a mentor. One of the most inspiring Latinas I’ve ever met in my life, Myrlis has made a huge impact in the Latino community. I’m so glad I collaborate with people I can learn from.

Nallely Rodriguez

As a new business owner I was looking for some guidance to include social media as part of my online marketing so I decided to have a coaching session with Myrlis.  It was so powerful and helpful!  She asked me questions that allowed me to see important aspects and things to consider before jumping into social media. The conversation we had helped me to organize my ideas and have a clearer vision of what I want to accomplish. She was very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend her coaching sessions.

Lulu Barnad

Knowing Myrlis has been a blessing in my life professionally and personally. At the professional level I can count on her to answer any question I might have in my quest to become a better Network Marketer and Entrepreneur. She has the knowledge and experience I seek in a mentor. In reference of caring, I can count on her if I have the need to talk with someone on a personal level. She will listen to me if something is bothering me and I need a friend to talk to. Myrlis is the whole package.

Honest, patient, outside of the box thinker, forward momentum… These are just some of the ways that Myrlis coaches, inspires and moves me to action. Her coaching is grounded and sound because she is also in the grind herself working the business so all of her experience comes from real time continual experience of growth in herself. We are not even on the same team, but she still supports me in the growth of my character and business and that is real leadership! I am honored and grateful to have her with me on this business and personal journey.

Ashley White

I truly enjoy the genuine nature Myrlis brings to her relationships. It has been a pleasure to have this lil’ gem to not only be a great friend but also an amazing woman who inspires daily and whom is always looking to help others out. She is as wise as they come and is a great mentor to help guide the way.

Chelsy Mendoza

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