2This is My Story on Succeeding Against All Odds And How You Can Too… it all started on The Past 2015. That year was a very challenging year for me and my husband, but still during that time we were able to succeed at all odds and think it’s time I share my story with you. I strongly believe that whatever circumstances we have in life there is always a silver lining and and opportunity to grow, evolve and achieve greatness.

Now allow me to elaborate a bit, so this all make sense to you!

Everything started on 2014, I had been working with a Coach so I could better my game and achieve some goals with my Network Marketing Business and at the time he suggested me to attend Tony Robbin’s Event: Unleash The Power Within (AKA UPW) And I inmediately I got two tickets, one for my husband and one for me. We were scheduled to go on March of 2016.

On November 2015 in a regular medical check up I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease… I couldn’t believe my ears, I was in complete shock, I was feeling completely ok and yet my Doctor was telling me “my body was killing me and it would win”, what a disheartening thing to say!

March came and we had to reschedule our UPW for June since my husband had to attend a project overseas…I had no idea but the most challening part had not come just yet. On May 12th we received some bad news, my mother in law had suffered a brain stroke. My husband who was on his way back home from Texas was devastated and he was only able to pick up a few stuff and leave the same night. After a few days I flew to Venezuela to support him. However, I arrived with massive inflammation in both arms, so bad, that I barely could manipulate knife and fork.  That forced me to go to the Doctor over there and run some tests.

And that’s when everything changed… the Doctor gave me a diagnosed of Polymyositis a disease so rare that only 1/100000 per year are diagnosed with it. He was the Ultimate Dream Stealer!  A few weeks passed and when I came back to my home in the States, I saw the Doctor again and I was tested again. The diagnosed changed to Viral Myositis

And then the moment to go to UPW arrived, I honestly went because I had the tickets, and I had little to no idea, what to expect, I would not imagine how that event would change my life, how what I experienced there would give me hope,  and how despite all odds, 2015 was the year when I was able to achieve several goals in my network marketing business,  when my husband was also able to achieve some massive success with his business…

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This is My Story on How I Succeeded Against All Odds and How You Can too…



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I truly hope my story inspire you, whether it does or not, I encourage you to check this blog post by my mentor Ray Higdon … I am so thankful that I learned from him that our story can be one of inspiration for others:  “What Is Your Excuse” 


Are there other successful people who defied the odds?  Absolutely! Check this article: “Famous People Who Found Success Against All Odds”



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With lots of appreciation,


Myrlis Conde

P.S:  If you want to attend the UPW Event I can probably hook you up 😉 so make sure you reach out to me! Also, if you wanna learn deets on what I’m doing to recover my health on a 100% feel free to connect with me, I’d be thrilled to share what is working for me 🙂


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