Doing What You Love, to Love More What You Do

Do More of What You LoveDoing What You Love, to Love More What You Do, sounds like a tricky title, but I did not find better words, to describe a recent experience that I want to share with you… Hope it’s valuable for you, and that it will help to Empower You and Improve Your Business.

To give you a bit of a backstory of what I do, I grow my Network Marketing Business, I support my husband in the growth of his business (it is ours, but to avoid confusions I refer to it as ‘his’)… I also take care of my property, I’m a Furbaby Mom, my Own Chef and the list goes on an on…

A few weeks back, I was feeling completely overwhelmed, tired and as much as I love what I do, I was not feeling so “into it” at the time.

I felt like I was “dragging” myself, instead of “looking forward to it”… if you are an Entrepreneur or a Small Biz Owner, you have probably experienced this at some point.

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Doing What You Love!  (I Found What I Was Missing…)


It was around that time, when I attended a Workshop created by my dear friend Shanna, called “The Hidden Power of Self Portraiture’s” … during this Workshop, we explored in a very intimate, safe and empowering environment, those moments of our lives when we felt joyful, strong, loved and on top of the world.

Shanna created a fun, and simple system, that would help access those “feelings”, and bring them to the present moment if necessary.  As a result, we were able to change our Attitude, our Approach, and change our Mindset by Command. (To learn more about this, you must attend one of her awesome workshops!)

During that workshop I also had the opportunity to explore again my creative side.  I was inspired to draw a symbol using a technique learned ages ago (and I mean ages), and by the end of that session, I was feeling Energized and more Creative than ever, with an infinite number of ideas that I wanted to accomplish!

Here is my drawing… I hadn’t done this in years so please be kind 🙂

Doing What You Love

Doing What You Love

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What Happened Next…


The next following days, I realized that I wasn’t dragging myself anymore (yay!), my bubbly self had returned, and with that, the feeling that I WAS JAZZED, DOING WHAT I LOVE TO DO!

My business performance had improved as well, and it was then when it hit me. The Workshop had everything to do with it!  But how?

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I Discovered…


I realized, that I had not dedicated enough time to do things I love, and that this had been going on for the past few months! There are aspects of myself that I had abandoned, and by taking that couple of hours to participate in that Workshop, I was nurturing those aspects, which translated into a better business performance.

See? as an Entrepreneur, you can fall into the trap of feeling guilty if you take some time to do “other things”… big mistake!!!!  It is necessary to slow down, to speed up!

You need to nurture Yourself, to nurture your Mind and your Spirituality to have a Thriving Business.  Your Business is a Direct Reflection of YOU.

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What Do You Love to Do?


Today I make sure to include more often activities like those: I do attend 3 day seminars every 3 months and short ones every month or so.  I also make sure to include “small activities” during my day, that allow me to energize and to “recalibrate” . Those little Joyful moments, can be anything you enjoy doing!

You’ve probably notice I love my Capuccinos, making myself one, or getting one and sitting down for a few minutes to enjoy it, is one of “my things”.  Today I feel totally blessed. Doing more of what I love, not only allows me to love more what I do business wise, but has enabled me, to be a more loving person to those around me: my spouse, my friends and my customers.

If you feel like you’re having trouble defining what brings you joy, feel free to reach out, I might be able to help 🙂

Was sharing my experience helpful? If it was, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.

With lots of appreciation,


P.S:  I shared some aspects of the process created by my dear friend and customer Shanna Paxton, owner of Shanna Paxton Photography.  If you want to participate in one of her Empowering Workshops, connect with her at .  If you are not local to us, let her know anyways, some Online Surprises are in the Making 🙂

My Story On Succeeding Against All Odds And How You Can Too

2This is My Story on Succeeding Against All Odds And How You Can Too… it all started on The Past 2015. That year was a very challenging year for me and my husband, but still during that time we were able to succeed at all odds and think it’s time I share my story with you. I strongly believe that whatever circumstances we have in life there is always a silver lining and and opportunity to grow, evolve and achieve greatness.

Now allow me to elaborate a bit, so this all make sense to you!

Everything started on 2014, I had been working with a Coach so I could better my game and achieve some goals with my Network Marketing Business and at the time he suggested me to attend Tony Robbin’s Event: Unleash The Power Within (AKA UPW) And I inmediately I got two tickets, one for my husband and one for me. We were scheduled to go on March of 2016.

On November 2015 in a regular medical check up I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease… I couldn’t believe my ears, I was in complete shock, I was feeling completely ok and yet my Doctor was telling me “my body was killing me and it would win”, what a disheartening thing to say!

March came and we had to reschedule our UPW for June since my husband had to attend a project overseas…I had no idea but the most challening part had not come just yet. On May 12th we received some bad news, my mother in law had suffered a brain stroke. My husband who was on his way back home from Texas was devastated and he was only able to pick up a few stuff and leave the same night. After a few days I flew to Venezuela to support him. However, I arrived with massive inflammation in both arms, so bad, that I barely could manipulate knife and fork.  That forced me to go to the Doctor over there and run some tests.

And that’s when everything changed… the Doctor gave me a diagnosed of Polymyositis a disease so rare that only 1/100000 per year are diagnosed with it. He was the Ultimate Dream Stealer!  A few weeks passed and when I came back to my home in the States, I saw the Doctor again and I was tested again. The diagnosed changed to Viral Myositis

And then the moment to go to UPW arrived, I honestly went because I had the tickets, and I had little to no idea, what to expect, I would not imagine how that event would change my life, how what I experienced there would give me hope,  and how despite all odds, 2015 was the year when I was able to achieve several goals in my network marketing business,  when my husband was also able to achieve some massive success with his business…

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This is My Story on How I Succeeded Against All Odds and How You Can too…



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I truly hope my story inspire you, whether it does or not, I encourage you to check this blog post by my mentor Ray Higdon … I am so thankful that I learned from him that our story can be one of inspiration for others:  “What Is Your Excuse” 


Are there other successful people who defied the odds?  Absolutely! Check this article: “Famous People Who Found Success Against All Odds”



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With lots of appreciation,


Myrlis Conde

P.S:  If you want to attend the UPW Event I can probably hook you up 😉 so make sure you reach out to me! Also, if you wanna learn deets on what I’m doing to recover my health on a 100% feel free to connect with me, I’d be thrilled to share what is working for me 🙂


The Truth about MLM Sponsoring You Have to Know

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The Truth about MLM Sponsoring is that is a process, a lot like trying to find a piece of Gold: among all the people you have sponsored you will find your piece or pieces of Gold. Who would be considered a piece of Gold? Somebody who requires low maintenance and is a high producer in your team. However, let’s focus on the process through which you will find these people.
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MLM recruiting or Network Marketing Sponsoring – personally prefer the later term- is not a flawless process, not everybody that you sponsor will stay.  Just think about a bucket with a hole in the bottom. In that bucket you will put all your sand, dirt, water and pieces of gold too… these are all your customers, team members, biz partners and those who are your highest producers. Some of them will be lost through that hole. Can you do something about it? Absolutely YES. You determine the size of the hole on how you treat people: be as nice as possible, treat others with courtesy and respect. Always. Will this eliminate the hole? NO, in some cases regardless of what you do, some people will leave, just understand it is part of the process and if you did your best, then you know it has nothing to do with you.
When looking for that piece of Gold, avoid being anxious, or desperate to find it… instead focus on the Fun and you’ll see how the process will be a joyful one and when you find that piece of Gold you will even be surprised because it will come when you least expect.
Look for gold everyday, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that looking occasionally is enough… practice as much as you can, the most successful people practice everyday. Those who are serious gold miners look for gold UNTIL they find it. Treat your MLM Business the same way, keep “practicing” until you find your gold. Yes, there will be days, that you might feel tired or even frustrated of looking and not finding, but remember, this process is allowing you to learn self esteem, self control and cooperation.
And last but not least, the attitude comes before the paycheck. See yourself, feel and behave as if you are a piece of gold yourself so you can attract more to you.

Where these MLM Sponsoring Tips helpful? If they were, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.

With lots of appreciation,


P.S:  These were notes from Day 3 from my latest training where I included some nuggets that I learned from Robert Kiyosaki.  If you are also looking for some Recruiting Scripts to improve your Sponsoring, I recommend my friend and mentor Ray Higdon’s scripts:[hyperlink style=”1″ href=”″ align=”left”]Ray’s Recruiting Scripts to Sponsor More People[/hyperlink]

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Honest, patient, outside of the box thinker, forward momentum… These are just some of the ways that Myrlis coaches, inspires and moves me to action. Her coaching is grounded and sound because she is also in the grind herself working the business so all of her experience comes from real time continual experience of growth in herself. We are not even on the same team, but she still supports me in the growth of my character and business and that is real leadership! I am honored and grateful to have her with me on this business and personal journey.

Ashley White

I truly enjoy the genuine nature Myrlis brings to her relationships. It has been a pleasure to have this lil’ gem to not only be a great friend but also an amazing woman who inspires daily and whom is always looking to help others out. She is as wise as they come and is a great mentor to help guide the way.

Chelsy Mendoza

Knowing Myrlis has been a blessing in my life professionally and personally. At the professional level I can count on her to answer any question I might have in my quest to become a better Network Marketer and Entrepreneur. She has the knowledge and experience I seek in a mentor. In reference of caring, I can count on her if I have the need to talk with someone on a personal level. She will listen to me if something is bothering me and I need a friend to talk to. Myrlis is the whole package.

Myrlis has been an incredible friend and mentor. About a year ago I had the chance of meeting her through our business endeavors and we have been very close friends since then. Myrlis has helped me to increase my business and my career as an entrepreneur, to build confidence and to achieve some of my goals. I’ve grown so much since I decided to follow her path. Although we live miles and miles apart, she’s been always there for me. Her knowledge and leadership makes Myrlis an incredible person and I’m so lucky to have her as a mentor. One of the most inspiring Latinas I’ve ever met in my life, Myrlis has made a huge impact in the Latino community. I’m so glad I collaborate with people I can learn from.

Nallely Rodriguez

As a new business owner I was looking for some guidance to include social media as part of my online marketing so I decided to have a coaching session with Myrlis.  It was so powerful and helpful!  She asked me questions that allowed me to see important aspects and things to consider before jumping into social media. The conversation we had helped me to organize my ideas and have a clearer vision of what I want to accomplish. She was very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend her coaching sessions.

Lulu Barnad

Myrlis Conde’s teachings, coaching and friendship have been a blessing in my life. They have helped me grow to a new level. She does an excellent job on teaching how to overcome obstacles in life, how to set goals and increase sales, how to build a team, how to manage your time, and so many other topics that she has covered that has impacted my life. I am grateful to be a student of her mentorship. She has a big heart for helping others. She truly does want to see you succeed. I highly recommend Myrlis!

Charles H Painter, Jr.

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