How Business Coaching and Mentoring Can Help You Achieve Success

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In the last year I can see how my life has dramatically changed in such a short period of time… I look back and I can see it all started since I made the decision to invest in Business Coaching and Mentorship, however let me elaborate a bit more on how that process went.

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We all have in our lives those people who we look up to, people who we listen to and follow their advice because we think they know or just because they are the only ones around us.  I’ve had those people as well, I was listening to them, but yet I was not achieving the results I wanted in my business and in my life… in fact, at times it even felt wrong!

However,  since I have a passion for business excellence I knew in order to find success I needed to change my strategy, and the best way to start was with the right training, coaching and mentoring, so,  I looked for the right mentors and coaches for me and I found them… the moment I decided that I would purposely seek “guidance” my whole business and life started shifting.  If you’d like to know some of my accomplishments so far I’m more than happy to share, I truly believe you can get whatever you desire if you have the right people as your success team.

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Some of My Achievements since I started with Business Coaching and Mentorship



Here are a few things:

  • Created my first Mindset Training Product for the Hispanic Market: “Secretos para Manifestar lo que Deseas en tu Vida y en Tu Negocio” … I have been training on Personal Development and Mindset my entire life and have achieved extraordinary results by applying this in all areas, so created a series training that when applied would allow the trainee to start seeing changes in their life.
  • Mastered Social Media Recruiting, specifically Facebook: this was a strategy that I started using when got started with MLM.   Since my hot market was almost non existent, being born, raised and lived most of my life in Venezuela I didn’t know enough people in the States, so having the right Mentorship allowed me to excel with this strategy.
  • Created my first Free Product: “Clase Magistral de Redes Sociales para Networkers” …I realized there was nobody teaching how to properly grow their MLM business through this platform in Spanish, so created this generic resource for this community.
  • I have taken around 8 trips in less than 2 years… the previous 3 years I had not travel anywhere: I have a passion for traveling the world, so you can imagine how exciting this has been! 😀
  • Reached two leadership levels in my company the first trimester of this year:  this has allowed me to walk stage several times and speak in front of hundreds…something I never though possible in the past.
  • I had a major personal breaktrough during the second semester of this year, which I will dedicate a full blog post because it will blow your mind… this is very personal but I will share because it could help you or impact someone you know
  • My Confidence has increased: being an immigrant I have faced difficult situations as a natural part of my adaptation, but having the right coaching helped me go over that faster.
  • My Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Skills have sharpened: the best feeling in the world is having people come to me and say “thank you Myrlis for inspiring me”  words can not express how meaningful your life can be when you start having these moments.

Now that I have share some of my results, you might be wondering: “How Do I Pick MY COACH, MY MENTOR?”… I went through this process as well and in the following video I share a few bullet points on what to look on a Coach and or Mentor:


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P.S:  If you speak Spanish or have a Spanish Team and you want to benefit from the Free Facebook Training you are MOST WELCOME to join this group:  [hyperlink style=”1″ href=”” font_size=”16″ align=”center”]Clase Magistral de Redes Sociales para Networkers[/hyperlink]

… if you or your Spanish Team wish to have access to the Mindset Product you can get it here:  [hyperlink style=”1″ href=”” font_size=”16″ align=”center”]Secretos para Manifestar lo que Deseas en Tu Vida y en Tu Negocio[/hyperlink]

Are You Ready to Break Your Comfort Zone?

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This is not How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone article, but instead the illustration of WHY Breaking Your Comfort Zone is Critical for YOU to achieve Success in your Business and Your Life.

Time for some tough love and real talk!!!

I want to ask you something, are you willing to do what it takes to achieve success?

Do you understand that to achieve your goals you might need to become uncomfortable?

I am sure you have heard this before but yet, you might be wondering what does that mean?

To illustrate this point, in this video I share something veeeeeery personal that I have not shared before with anybody… and yes, I had to break out of my comfort zone to do so, but  I gotta set the example right? 😉

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If you take the decision to succeed and make up your mind, you will become unstoppable and there won’t be any pain mental or physical pain able to stop you.

If you have felt inspired, motivated, fired up to go after your goals and want to share this feel free to share this!

With lots of appreciation,



Network Marketing Training: 5 Powerful Tips that Can Explode Your Business

Yesterday I attended one of my company events and I will share with you the best tips I learned to totally explode your network marketing business.

These 5 tips are critical, to help you transform your MLM business so make sure you watch the video below.



Anybody who wants to become an absolute master in their craft needs to learn from those who have already achieve the results they want, and those who train at these type of events are people just like YOU who have already walked the walk and can share their wisdom from their own experiences.

Having the opportunity to hear their stories will allow you to hear different points of view and strategies to achieve the results you want, so you can apply the one that fits you the best.  For example:  if you are a single mom, you would want to hear the story of that single mom that became a top earner wouldn’t you?

Most importantly, you never know, when or what you are going to hear that something that will impact your business and your life forever!  

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5 Powerful Tips that Can Explode Your Business



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Where these tips helpful?  If they were feel free to share and comment as I’m curious what was more impactful for you.

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Myrlis Conde



How Do You Want to Be Remembered in the Future?

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Every time we have an interaction with somebody  we are leaving an impression in their minds…you would be surprise to know that most of the time when you think people are not looking at you, or they are not paying attention, THEY ARE! Specially with the interconnectedness Social Media Platforms allows us to have in today’s lifestyle.

So whether you interact with someone just once in a lifetime or just once on a great while, WHAT YOU DO MATTERS. Your actions, can be a blessing for others and create a river of abundance in your life.

But make no mistake, what you do can be so powerful and meaningful that even through time you will be remembered… which raises the question, how do you want to be remembered in the future?

That answer is without doubt linked to what you are doing today.

So, how are your interactions with every person you encounter on a daily basis?

Are you leaving a footprint worth remembering?

Are you contributing in some way?

When building your business… how do you treat your potential customers or associates?

How do you treat those who have zero interest in your stuff?

Are you kind?

How do you make them feel?

In short are you being the best you can be?

I want for me, to have countless experiences like the one I share in this video that was shooted over 2 years ago… and from then to today, I’ve had more and more of those. I wish for you, the same.

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How to change your Perspective and Empower Yourself when bad things happen

Life is full of surprises, sometimes those surprises are unexpected and not necessarily good ones right?

I am sure, at times when those moments have come you have probably wondered, why me? why now?… and you really feel saddened and like you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In today’s video, I’m sharing with you how a little change of perspective can shift that feeling and how can affect your mindset in a way, that you start seeing the good in the situation you are facing…

Watch below and feel free to connect with me and share how it has helped you.

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Thoughts over Coffee…

This morning, I tried to do a little “chocolate decor” on my Capuccino… My intention was to take a picture of it and post it on my husband’s Facebook wall, who has been out for business for days now . For some reason it didn’t work, my hearts kept “drowing” in the coffee, however I was able to do something out of it … an “abstract art” as a friend of mine called it.

I sat down and just contemplated for a few minutes…

Life is like that you know?

Sometimes what you try doesn’t work out, some people give up, but some people never do. I’ve noticed how “the never give up kind” people use the outcome ~ whatever it is~ as a learning experience and try again until they get the job done, so then, what is really failure?

In reality, failure is relative, if you never give up and you keep creating “your art” you have no other option but to succeed.

After all Human Beings have been designed for greatness, don’t you think?

I am the “never give up kind people”, what kind are you? but most importantly, who do you want to be?

If you have tried something and tried… and tried and maybe had a breakthrough … I’d love to hear it!  If you are still trying, also share! People need to hear your stories.

Keep creating your art, enjoy your coffee and have a blissful day!

"Abstract Coffee Art for Him"

“Abstract Coffee Art for Him”

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