1 Easy Tip You NeedYour life is shaped by every decision you make, Decision Making affects every aspect including Business and Finances as well. Not sure how it’s been for you but Making Quick Business Decision is something that my husband and I have struggled with in the past.  The reason?  We BOTH have an analytical type of personality but we also tend to be a  little bit perfectionist…well, to be more accurate the perfectionist would be me…  🙂 and not just a little bit!

However, we have come to the realization that we needed to learn how to make decisions quickly.  Why? because taking too long to decide has actually been counterproductive for us in some aspects which I talk in more detail in the video below.

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How We Became Better at Making Decisions?


When you are a perfectionist, taking too long to decide is nothing more than fear of failure.  You are always looking for the best outcome in your mind, so, the way we became better at taking decisions was actually EMBRACING the thing we feared the most:  “failure”…  embracing the fact that we might not achieve the results we wanted… but after all, that possibility is always present anyways! taking more time doesn’t eliminate it. No matter how long you take to decide, that possibility will always exist… and yes, if failure in reality doesn’t exist, but a learning process instead, then, why take so long?!

So from super Slow Decision Making Mode we turned to a Faster Decision Making Speed.

Hope this single tip helps you to improve your business as it has helped us!

How many other people you know might feel the same way and this is affecting their business?  Feel free to share this with them.

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