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In the last year I can see how my life has dramatically changed in such a short period of time… I look back and I can see it all started since I made the decision to invest in Business Coaching and Mentorship, however let me elaborate a bit more on how that process went.

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We all have in our lives those people who we look up to, people who we listen to and follow their advice because we think they know or just because they are the only ones around us.  I’ve had those people as well, I was listening to them, but yet I was not achieving the results I wanted in my business and in my life… in fact, at times it even felt wrong!

However,  since I have a passion for business excellence I knew in order to find success I needed to change my strategy, and the best way to start was with the right training, coaching and mentoring, so,  I looked for the right mentors and coaches for me and I found them… the moment I decided that I would purposely seek “guidance” my whole business and life started shifting.  If you’d like to know some of my accomplishments so far I’m more than happy to share, I truly believe you can get whatever you desire if you have the right people as your success team.

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Some of My Achievements since I started with Business Coaching and Mentorship



Here are a few things:

  • Created my first Mindset Training Product for the Hispanic Market: “Secretos para Manifestar lo que Deseas en tu Vida y en Tu Negocio” … I have been training on Personal Development and Mindset my entire life and have achieved extraordinary results by applying this in all areas, so created a series training that when applied would allow the trainee to start seeing changes in their life.
  • Mastered Social Media Recruiting, specifically Facebook: this was a strategy that I started using when got started with MLM.   Since my hot market was almost non existent, being born, raised and lived most of my life in Venezuela I didn’t know enough people in the States, so having the right Mentorship allowed me to excel with this strategy.
  • Created my first Free Product: “Clase Magistral de Redes Sociales para Networkers” …I realized there was nobody teaching how to properly grow their MLM business through this platform in Spanish, so created this generic resource for this community.
  • I have taken around 8 trips in less than 2 years… the previous 3 years I had not travel anywhere: I have a passion for traveling the world, so you can imagine how exciting this has been! 😀
  • Reached two leadership levels in my company the first trimester of this year:  this has allowed me to walk stage several times and speak in front of hundreds…something I never though possible in the past.
  • I had a major personal breaktrough during the second semester of this year, which I will dedicate a full blog post because it will blow your mind… this is very personal but I will share because it could help you or impact someone you know
  • My Confidence has increased: being an immigrant I have faced difficult situations as a natural part of my adaptation, but having the right coaching helped me go over that faster.
  • My Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Skills have sharpened: the best feeling in the world is having people come to me and say “thank you Myrlis for inspiring me”  words can not express how meaningful your life can be when you start having these moments.

Now that I have share some of my results, you might be wondering: “How Do I Pick MY COACH, MY MENTOR?”… I went through this process as well and in the following video I share a few bullet points on what to look on a Coach and or Mentor:


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With lots of appreciation,


P.S:  If you speak Spanish or have a Spanish Team and you want to benefit from the Free Facebook Training you are MOST WELCOME to join this group:  [hyperlink style=”1″ href=”https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fgroups%2Fclasemagistral%2F” font_size=”16″ align=”center”]Clase Magistral de Redes Sociales para Networkers[/hyperlink]

… if you or your Spanish Team wish to have access to the Mindset Product you can get it here:  [hyperlink style=”1″ href=”https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fgroups%2Fsecretosparamanifestar%2F” font_size=”16″ align=”center”]Secretos para Manifestar lo que Deseas en Tu Vida y en Tu Negocio[/hyperlink]

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