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Every time we have an interaction with somebody  we are leaving an impression in their minds…you would be surprise to know that most of the time when you think people are not looking at you, or they are not paying attention, THEY ARE! Specially with the interconnectedness Social Media Platforms allows us to have in today’s lifestyle.

So whether you interact with someone just once in a lifetime or just once on a great while, WHAT YOU DO MATTERS. Your actions, can be a blessing for others and create a river of abundance in your life.

But make no mistake, what you do can be so powerful and meaningful that even through time you will be remembered… which raises the question, how do you want to be remembered in the future?

That answer is without doubt linked to what you are doing today.

So, how are your interactions with every person you encounter on a daily basis?

Are you leaving a footprint worth remembering?

Are you contributing in some way?

When building your business… how do you treat your potential customers or associates?

How do you treat those who have zero interest in your stuff?

Are you kind?

How do you make them feel?

In short are you being the best you can be?

I want for me, to have countless experiences like the one I share in this video that was shooted over 2 years ago… and from then to today, I’ve had more and more of those. I wish for you, the same.

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