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The Truth about MLM Sponsoring is that is a process, a lot like trying to find a piece of Gold: among all the people you have sponsored you will find your piece or pieces of Gold. Who would be considered a piece of Gold? Somebody who requires low maintenance and is a high producer in your team. However, let’s focus on the process through which you will find these people.
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MLM recruiting or Network Marketing Sponsoring – personally prefer the later term- is not a flawless process, not everybody that you sponsor will stay.  Just think about a bucket with a hole in the bottom. In that bucket you will put all your sand, dirt, water and pieces of gold too… these are all your customers, team members, biz partners and those who are your highest producers. Some of them will be lost through that hole. Can you do something about it? Absolutely YES. You determine the size of the hole on how you treat people: be as nice as possible, treat others with courtesy and respect. Always. Will this eliminate the hole? NO, in some cases regardless of what you do, some people will leave, just understand it is part of the process and if you did your best, then you know it has nothing to do with you.
When looking for that piece of Gold, avoid being anxious, or desperate to find it… instead focus on the Fun and you’ll see how the process will be a joyful one and when you find that piece of Gold you will even be surprised because it will come when you least expect.
Look for gold everyday, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that looking occasionally is enough… practice as much as you can, the most successful people practice everyday. Those who are serious gold miners look for gold UNTIL they find it. Treat your MLM Business the same way, keep “practicing” until you find your gold. Yes, there will be days, that you might feel tired or even frustrated of looking and not finding, but remember, this process is allowing you to learn self esteem, self control and cooperation.
And last but not least, the attitude comes before the paycheck. See yourself, feel and behave as if you are a piece of gold yourself so you can attract more to you.

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P.S:  These were notes from Day 3 from my latest training where I included some nuggets that I learned from Robert Kiyosaki.  If you are also looking for some Recruiting Scripts to improve your Sponsoring, I recommend my friend and mentor Ray Higdon’s scripts:[hyperlink style=”1″ href=”http%3A%2F%2Frayhigdon.com%2Fmlm-recruiting-scripts-sponsor-people%2F%20″ align=”left”]Ray’s Recruiting Scripts to Sponsor More People[/hyperlink]

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